Of mistakes and punishments

Boy and girl live together, another girl comes to stay for a while. Doubts set in and boy and girl separate.

First girl goes to another boy while first boy slowly falls for second girl. Soon, first girl is “brought to her senses” while first boy and second girl are about to tie the knot. But do they manage it at all?

An urban tale, Hosa Prema Purana has the ‘dangers’ of live-in relationships at its centre of the plot. With no time even for instant gratification, the subject seems kinda outdated. Still, what makes it work is newcomer Shraddha Das.

A mirror image of another form of exploitation, the actress gives the role her all. Her dedication shows in her lip movements for instance, her emoting the correct expression at the appropriate moment – a far better debut than most of her sisters from outside.

But, the dubbing artiste is a let down in terms of matching Shraddha’s character. True, she tries her best but her faulty English diction undoes the charm.

The director, or the hero himself, should have taken care of this. For, Hosa Prema Purana is essentially a launchpad for Nitin and the boy revels in all the attention he is bestowed upon. Still, overeagerness doesn’t compensate for inexperience and he ends up looking all hammed up and a bundle of nerves. He ends up looking weak beside Shraddha while managing to pip Radhika, a few films old, to the post.

A fuller Radhika is cute to look at in songs but her “voice” too fails to impress. And Neenaasam Satish is woefully miscast. The director sticks to old formula that anything new must necessarily be accompanied by vices.

It is unfortunate that the film makers couldn’t insert the statutory warnings on smoking and drinking which Edegaarike successfully managed to do and get away with. The dialogues seem to pay lip service to progressive thought. But by then the damage is done and one is left to wait for the end to pan out. Which it does–in another formulaic fashion.

Hosa Prema Purana is one film Pooja Gandhi would prefer not to remember.

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