Desist from playing politics, BSY told

Desist from playing politics, BSY told

“He should stop playing politics. If there is shortage of funds, he should ask the Centre,” Moily said. “There is no limit to funds, and the Centre is prepared to release as much funds as required by Karnataka for relief, rescue and reconstruction works,” he said.
When journalists pointed out that Yeddyurappa and other State ministers were “begging” in the streets of Bangalore, seeking funds from the public, he said: “You should not use the term ‘begging’. It is a move to garner public support in the time of a crisis. I had also done the same thing when I was the chief minister.’’

When asked who was to blame for the floods, the former Karnataka chief minister said: “It is the failure of nature. Nature’s fury has no regulation.’’ Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh had not witnessed such a disaster in the past several centuries, he observed.
On the issue of agitation against Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister K Rosaiah, Moily said: “It was the decision of the (Congress) high command.’’

When reporters pointed out that the chief minister should have been the choice of the elected representatives of the State Assembly, he said the Congress has to run the government for four-and-a-half years. “We will have to see stability in the State and its progress and development.’’

As regards the view that Rosaiah has been imposed on the State despite a rebellion against him, and that an overwhelming majority of legislators favoured Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy as chief minister, Moily said: “The Congress will not work in fear. It will work for stability.”

He added: “It is a decision of the high command, and it should not be questioned. Even the Union law minister is not above the high command.”

On the Bofors case, he said the issue needed a burial as there was no tangible evidence to stand the scrutiny of law both before the Delhi High Court and courts in Malaysia and Argentina. It was pursued for 20 years, and now the withdrawal report had been filed before a lower court where the case was pending, he added.

The government would introduce a bill in the winter session of Parliament, fixing accountability on the judges of higher judiciary.