'Formulate guidelines for private universities'

'Formulate guidelines for private universities'

50 per cent seats should be reserved for the students from Karnataka

'Formulate guidelines for private universities'

The members of ABVP staged a protest at Bunt’s Hostel Circle in Mangalore, to pressure the state government to formulate guidelines for the establishment of private universities in the State.

Addressing the protesters, ABVP State Secretary Ramesh Kumar said that 50 per cent of the seats should be reserved for the students hailing from Karnataka and the fee should be fixed by the government.

Opposing the government's decision in allowing the setting up of private universities, he said the guidelines should include reservation, roster system for the private universities.

The authorities should debate the issue before taking a decision.

The government should discuss the issue with experts, lecturers and students’ organisations before the Bill was introduced.  The government should have a say in the management of private universities before allowing them to open their campus in Karnataka, he said.

The protesters accused the private universities of trying to establish their business centres without the permission of the Government or recognition by the University Grants Commission.

They said that some of the black listed Deemed universities are trying to establish private universities in different names and the government should not consider the issue lightly, they added.

On the donation menace even at the pre-school level, ABVP City President Vinay Horatti said “education has become a commodity and the pre-schools have started mushrooming without the lack of guidelines.

Hence, it is essential to have checks. In case private universities are allowed to operate here without any control over them, both academically and financially, it will lead to exploitation,” he said.

The Bill to allow setting up of the private universities in the state is likely to be tabled at the Belgaum session.

There is a need to ensure social justice and to protect the interests of meritorious students from economically backward sections.

 They wanted the government to take the responsibility of seat distribution, implementation of roster system, and merit.

The protesters said that none of the colleges should be affiliated to the private university and the government should clearly mention the jurisdiction of the university.

Private universities should not be allowed to open distance education programmes. The government should check the collection of fee in the name of caution deposits, they said.