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Last Updated 04 December 2012, 13:25 IST

Social-networking sites aren’t just an addiction for the youth today — they are helpful in spreading information and messages to a large group of people.

Students today are making use of the technology to propagate and popularise their college and department fests. In fact, social-networking sites have become virtual notice boards to post information about what’s happening on campus.

Whether it is about a college fest, project exhibition or auditions for an event, these sites are the perfect places for students and others to post — and find — all the information.

Students put up details of these events, making it accessible to those who belong to various other colleges. The message is passed and the participation for the fest is ensured on the internet.

“We had posted the details of our fest on one of the sites, so that more students could access the information and get to see all the details. Social-networking sites are very helpful in spreading the word about any kind of event due to their mass appeal.

The best part is that students can get back to the moderator of the post almost immediately in case of any doubts,” says Karthick, a student.

Aquilla, an engineering student, says that it has become a norm for students to put up information of any kind of event on a social-networking site.

“This is the best publicity for any kind of fest or event happening on campus. The number of people who get to know about the event is huge and even the sponsors insist that we put up the information on the net. Most big fests have their own page on a social-networking site, where they list the particulars of all the events — like the venues, the judges as well as competitors participating in them,” she adds.

Students also insist that just posting the details of the fest on the site isn’t enough — it is important to update it constantly. “Most students check the site for information. It is essential that the site is updated on a regular basis.

The participants can charge the moderators for not updating the information on time if there is a sudden change.

Updating the information is as important as posting it on these sites — many students depend on this information,” says Shweta, an engineering student.

She further adds that in many cases, the registration of various events also takes place on these sites.

 “As college fests today are not restricted to the City anymore, the registration for outstation candidates often happens online. This has made things easier for us and we can now invite students from all across the country. We had students from an engineering college in Noida and the registration process took place online,” she explains.

(Published 04 December 2012, 13:25 IST)

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