Tense moments at school

Tense moments at school

Tense moments at school

As the news of the alleged sexual abuse of a nursery student at the St Sophia’s School at Nagarabhavi broke out in the electronic media, hundreds of parents gathered at the school campus on Tuesday.

Many of them accused the school principal of failing to ensure the safety of children and demanded that the management produce the accused before them.

The school principal was unavailable to clarify on the issue and this enraged the parents, with many wanting to take their wards home, immediately.

However, the school management was not ready to let the children go as it would tarnish the school’s reputation. More than 800 students study in the school from montessori to Class X.

Local police intervened and took away the traumatised child and her mother in a Hoysala vehicle, after taking their statements.

Manjunath, a businessman, whose daughter is a student of Class four, said the school management had not taken enough precautions while appointing group ‘D’ employees.

“We are tensed as the management has not clarified on the incident,” he said.

Sugandhi M, another parent, said the incident was shocking and the safety of children at the school was at stake.

“Should we accompany children inside the classroom and ensure they are safe. They (management) take hefty donations and we end up with such incidents,” she said.

Manjula Sharma, a co-ordinator with the school, said the employee in question had no complaints against him so far.

“This is a shock to the school management also. Safety of children is of utmost priority. All co-operation is being extended to the police and parents,” she said.