Naxal rehabilitation a non-starter in DK, Udupi

Rehabilitation package solely depends on the Maoists, says SP

The effectiveness in the implementation of naxal rehabilitation package announced by the Karnataka government on June 9, 2010, in various naxal infested districts differs to a large extent.

Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts have made no achievement in implementing the package, when compared to the neighboring districts of Shimoga and Chikmagalur.

The aim of bringing back the Maoists who took up arms for attaining social justice, to the mainstream still remains a difficult task. However, the government’s repeated attempts to offer a decent livelihood by bringing them back to the mainstream of the society has borne fruits in rarest of the rare cases. Four (former) Maoists have been rehabilitated in Chikmagalur district, while one is rehabilitated in Shimoga district.

In comparison, there has been zero development in both Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts as no Maoist has surrendered and rehabilitated so far. Thus, there arises qualms over the impediments that block the way of implementing rehabilitation package in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi regions. Is lack of concern and lethargic attitude of the official has something to do with the failure in convincing Maoists for the rehabilitation package?

Whether the district administration and the Police Department in both the districts have failed to take up intensive awareness campaign in the naxal infested areas?    
Dakshina Kannada Superintendent of Police, who is also the in-charge SP for Udupi district, Abhishek Goyal told Deccan Herald that the effective implementation of naxal rehabilitation package solely depends on the Maoists.

He or she should come forward to surrender as the government has secured all sorts of rehabilitation and a decent livelihood. It has nothing to do with lack of initiatives taken up from the officials’ side. The official recommendation for surrender package should be forwarded by the DySP to the Committee headed by the Deputy Commissioner, he adds. The area to which the Maoist belongs also plays a crucial role besides his family background, he said.

“We do not have any Maoist who hails from Dakshina Kannada district. The Maoists who operate in the State are all from Udupi, Chikmagalur and Shimoga districts,” he added.

What is naxal-package?

The State government has released Rs five crore to each taluk in naxal infested areas. The naxal package is announced in three zone category. The compensation package announced under Red zone category includes Rs two lakh composite grant cum loan from the DCC bank. Besides, he or she is given Rs 2,000 as stipend each month for a year during the training period for self employment. Most of the times they are given vocational training. They are also given additional sum of money if they surrender with weapons.

The Grey zone category surrender package comprises of Rs 2,000 stipend for the entire year where they are given vocational training. In the Green zone category compensation package, the grievances of the surrendered Maoists are addressed. Besides, if these people prefer continuing their education, they are offered financial aid for education.

Chikmagalur SP N Shashi Kumar said four Maoists are rehabilitated under the naxal rehabilitation package in Chikmagalur district. Hagalakanchi Venkatesha, Mallika alias Kavitha, Jaya alias Ranjitha and Yedagunda Komala are the four Maoists who are offered surrender package and are assisted to look after their livelihood, he added.

Shimoga SP Raman Gupta said Korana Kote Krishna is rehabilitated in Shimoga. He has been given a house under Asare scheme free of cost, besides two acres of land. He is also given Rs one lakh composite grant, however if he wishes, the administration would facilitate him with additional Rs one lakh loan from the DCC bank.

“Our district has taken up the work of spreading awareness about the rehabilitation package and we are trying our best to bring back the Maoists into the mainstream. We take up long term rehabilitation package until the surrendered Maoist is totally settled down in life,” the SP said.

Rehabs speak

Interestingly, Korana Kote Krishna got married and settled down after surrendering, following which he was facilitated with source of respectable and civilized livelihood. Hagalakanchi Venkatesha and Korana Kote Krishna are rehabilitated under Red zone category.

Mallika alias Kavitha, Jaya alias Ranjitha and Yedagunda Komala are given Rs 50,000 each and are also trained under Suvarna Vastra Neeti, a scheme launched by Karnataka Department of Handlooms and Textiles. H galakanchi Venkatesha who surrendered on September 28, 2010 told Deccan Herald that life is not rifle. However, he added that he would not call his former colleagues to surrender as he feels he is not capable of it.

He is happy when it comes to his personal life. He finds great peace to be with his family leading a better life. He is also dissatisfied over government’s forgotten assurance of offering basic infrastructural facilities as per his demand that he put forth before surrendering. Venkatesha stressed that police should not charge false FIRs against innocent people. The case against him was acquitted today in Chikmagalur district court. He fears as polls are nearing he may be once again booked under fake charges.

Mallika, who was rehabilitated on October 15, 2010, says she is very much comfortable with the new life that is offered to her. Presently, she is given a small job in “Nada Kacheri” in Koppa. She has no regrets for giving up weapons. In fact, she does not want to remember her past life in the midst of thick forest. She expects that her job becomes permanent at the earliest, she added.

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