Family of artists

Family of artists


The entire family of Choyals hailing from Udaipur is into art. The interesting fact is that every artist in the family has his or her unique style. The works of P N Choyal, who is 85 years of age, are as steady and energetic as any of his younger counterparts. But present at the exhibition were his son Shail Choyal, whose works were on display. Also present were Shail’s son Akash Choyal and Akash’s wife Charu Laul Shoyal, whose works were also on display. 

 The family presented a special preview of this exhibition recently, and admitted that it’s their first exhibition in the South. “Our works have been recognised and appreciated in North India,” says Shail. “This exhibition is coming to Bangalore after Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur,” he adds.

Shail’s series revolves around Lord Krishna, with a generous dose of blues, greens and yellows. Most paintings depict the God playing flute amidst cows in the background. “Blue, yellow and green are my favourite colours,” he informs.

Akash, who has spent more than a decade learning about art, says that Physics has always interested him. His series involves breathtaking 3D works and murals. Referring to a work of his, which consists of a human figure in a 3D form, he says, “When I was creating this work, my inner and outer world merged. I felt like a new kingdom has consisting of only me.”

Another work of Akash involves many hands trying to come out of the frame. “I experienced this energy and fantasised that these hands want to break out. It’s a coordination between me and the society,” he adds. His mural works have a child-like innocence about them.

He smiles, “I kept in mind the way children play in the mud. I just threw the clay haphazardly and moulded it, with clefts in between that depict paths and drew figures on the final shape.” Charu’s works are vast canvasses full of colour. “I am from a theatre background so the canvas is like a big stage for me. I like playfulness and believe in vastness so I try to portray that in my work,” she says. The works of Shail’s wife Surjeet Choyal are also on display. The exhibition is on at the Chitrakala Parishat, Kumara Krupa Road till October 11 from 10.30 am to 7.30 pm.