CJs, Judges call for world judicial system

Chief Justices of various countries on Thursday made a strong pitch for a World Parliament and a World Judicial System with representatives from all nations, describing them as “the only way” to solve global problems and ensure equality of all

“The chief justices of the world must unite and form a World Judicial System. In Africa, we have already formed a Union of Judges and similar steps need to be taken to constitute World Judicial System and a World Parliament, “Chief Justice of Uganda B J Odoki said here at a press conference on Thursday.

He was here to attend the thirteenth International Conference of Chief Justices of the World, beginning in Lucknow from Saturday. The seven-day international conference has been organised by the City Montessori School (CMS), Lucknow, the world’s largest school
with over 44,000 students.

“Our country is constantly threatened by tsunamis and storms. The danger of drowning due to rise in water level as a result of global warming and melting of icebergs looms large on our heads. A concerted world effort is needed to deal with these problems. What we need is a democratic world government with representatives of all countries. It is just now or never,” Governor General of Tuvalu Iakoba T Italeli said.

President of Qatar’s Court of Cassation and Supreme Judiciary Council Justice Ahmad Mohd AA Almansouri also said the formation of a World Parliament was the need of the hour. “We, judges, can make things happen. A world Judicial System is the only way to solve global problems and ensure equality of all nations. The Rule of Law must prevail on Earth. This is only possible through an effective World Law,” he noted.

Firmly supporting the idea of creation of a World Judicial System, Chief Justice of Tanzania Mohad Chande Othman suggested that powerful world laws must be made and implemented as nations depend on each other to solve their problems.,” he noted.

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