Govt derecognises Archery Association and suspends boxing federation

Govt derecognises Archery Association and suspends boxing federation

Govt derecognises Archery Association and suspends boxing federation

Barely three days after the IOA was suspended by the International Olympic Committee, India today faced more embarassment with the Indian Boxing Federation being suspended by its parent body for "possible manipulation" in its recent elections, throwing the participation of Indian boxers in international events into jeopardy.

On a day of dramatic developments, the government also cracked the whip by de-recognising the Archery Association of India and suspending the recognition of the Indian Boxing Federation and giving it 15 days to confirm a re-election.

The sudden developments added to the chaos currently engulfing Indian sports even as top IOA officials met Sports Secretary P K Deb to try and find a solution to the suspension issue which has generated sharp reactions from sportspersons.

"Further to the International Olympic Committee's suspension imposed on the Indian Olympic Association, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Executive Committee Bureau has decided today December 6 to provisionally suspend the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation (IABF)," the AIBA said in a statement.

"This provisional suspension is also due to the fact that AIBA had learned about possible manipulation of the recent IABF's election.

"AIBA will now investigate this election and especially a potential political link between IOA President, as former Chairman of the IABF, and the IABF election," it added.
During the September elections of the IABF, outgoing President Abhay Singh Chautala, who was elected IOA President despite IOC's suspension, was retained in the body as nominated Chairman.

Interestingly, his brother-in-law and BJP MLA from Rajasthan, Abhishek Matoria, 29, was elected as the new IABF President.

Hours after the new broke out, the Sports Ministry also swung into action by suspending recognition.

"IABF has been suspended primarily on grounds that elections were flawed and faulty and the nomination time given was very less. When the nomination did not come in, people were just picked from the house. We have given them 15 days time to confirm that they would hold a re-election," Sports Minister Jitendra Singh said.

The Ministry also listed the flaws in the election in a detailed statement.

"The publication of the electoral roll was flawed because it was not possible for the electoral roll to be dispatched to members by post prior to the last date for filing of nominations and merely publishing on the website is not considered sufficient notice or information to all members," it said.

Among other flaws, the Ministry said, "Members were not given sufficient time to file nominations as the gap between the finalisation of the electoral roll and the filing of nomination was too short to allow people to travel large distances and file nominations personally."

Rattled by the suspension, Chautala said he was willing to step down from his post and the body was ready to hold a re-election to regain AIBA's affiliation.

"We are ready for a re-election and I am ready to quit the post of chairman. AIBA can send its observer and fix the date also. I have told the IABF President and Secretary General to speak to the AIBA officials and sort out the matter," Chautala said.

The development put a question mark over Chautala's election as IOA President since he came into the fray as an IABF representative.

Chautala, however, asserted that his position in the IOA is not threatened as he is the President of the Haryana Olympic Association.

"Since I am the President of the Haryana Olympic Association, I can continue," he said.