Villagers oppose work on resort

Villagers oppose work on resort

Villagers oppose work on resort

 The construction work on a private resort in survey number 344 and 216 of Channagondanahalli gram panchayat  on the foothills of  Mullayyanagiri has evoked opposition from the coffee growers and villagers of the region.

The construction will affect environment, forest, water source and agricultural activities, say villagres.

The villagers have suspected some kind of ‘conspiracy’ behind the project as the district administration has agreed for land conversion for the construction of resort. They have alleged that no permission has been obtained from the Forest Department for the construction work.

“As the resort land comes within the ambit of Bhadra Tiger Reserve and is a part of buffer zone, it is mandatory to obtain permission from the Central government for taking up construction work.

Despite not obtaining permission from the Centre, the district administration has given its nod for the conversion of land. The Deputy Commissioner has converted the land without bringing the matter to the notice of the Forest and the Wildlife Department,” said a villager on the condition of anonymity.

The water from natural sources is collected and stored in a huge lake like structure which is used for the construction of resort. More water would be utilised in future for the construction of 40-50 resort rooms and swimming pool.

This would affect the water supplied to paddy fields, coffee and areca plantations which are located nearby. As per the Revenue Act, storing natural water or blocking its flow is violation of the Act, said the villagers.

The villagers and coffee growers have demanded the Deputy Commissioner to withdraw the land conversion process and stop the work on the construction of resort. Coffee growers Mohan Kumar, Sathish, James, Keerthi Kumar and others have warned of taking up a legal fight if their demands are not met.