Book Rack

Book Rack

A Bank for the buck

Tamal Bandyopadhyay
Jaico, 2012, pp 322, 395

This is the story of the birth and growth of HDFC Bank, against the backdrop of the new bank movement in India when the RBI opened up the sector to introduce competition and to force banks to be more productive. Given the author’s familiarity with bankers and policy makers, this fast-paced book, written for a wide audience, brings to life an engrossing tale of 21st century India.

Tiger warrior

Soonoo Taraporewala
Penguin, 2012, pp 204, 499

Fateh Singh Rathore devoted his life to making the Ranthambore National Park a safe haven for the tiger population to live and grow in. He led a tireless crusade against poachers. He fought stiff resistance from  powerful bureaucrats, and was barred entry into his beloved national park. Soonoo Taraporewala’s biography, on the “tiger warrior”, also brings forth wider questions about wildlife conservation in India.


Pradeep Kapoor
Rupa, 2012, pp 217, 175

At the Nehru Medical College in Bhopla, the Frustrated One-Sided Lovers’ Association (FOSLA) comprises male medicos trying to get lucky in love. “The frustoos” have a single-minded goal: to hook up with a girl. JD, the college all-rounder and an active frustoo, gets lucky. Mansi, the most beautiful and intelligent girl in the batch, seems interested in him. But how can he be sure? JD must quit forever his trusted FOSLA team.

A maverick heart: between love and life

Ravindra Shukla
Frog books, 2012, pp 383, 195

Three young kids, with different family backgrounds and outlook, meet on their graduation day at IIT-Bombay and become close friends. Individually, they are in sync, but the same is not true for their interaction with the world. Inspired by the real events from the last decade, Ravindra Shukla brings you a story based on the struggles and triumphs of the youth and their relevance in the current socio-eco-political era.

Nobody can love you more

Mayank Austen Soofi
Penguin, 2012, pp 221, 399

The sex workers of Kotha No. 300 raise their children, cook for their lovers, visit temples, shrines, entertain customers, etc. By following the daily lives of the denizens of one kotha, Mayank Austen Soofi paints a portrait of women for whom sex is work. With precise details and haunting photographs, Soofi delicately and carefully etches the everyday world of those who inhabit the peripheries of society.

Inside the boundary line

Atul Kumar
Frog books, 2012, pp 202, 195

This book creates an alternate reality woven around cricket. Dhiren Shah, the protagonist, is a common man with common sense. He gets lured into cricket betting. While betting, he is able to decipher and understand the deep and intricate connections between betting and match-fixing. He discovers that his world is ruled by the corruption of some, and the folly of the rest. There is a lot about cricket you are yet to learn.

Digital cool

Promod K Nayar
Orient BlackSwan, 2012, pp 223, 545

Digital Cool examines life in the age of New Media. From Facebook to Internet dating, tablets to Twitter, cyber avatars to Wikis, it tells the story of how human lives today are heavily mediated by “cool” technologies, and how it is mediated by our ways of living, playing and working. Digital Technology empowers, enthuses and mediates new forms of community and identity. Culture jamming, participatory journalism and common knowledge are not only components of the activist new media, but also of popular culture.