Music review

Music review

A mixed fare

It is the second of four albums named ‘Uno!’, ‘Dos!’, ‘Tre!’ and ‘Quatro’. Following its predecessor’s pop punk style, ‘Dos!’ was billed as Green Day’s take on garage rock. But it is quite a mixed fare.

The album begins with an acoustic folk song, See You Tonight, in which vocalist Billie Joe sings of wanting to see someone special. F-Time is a pure party rock with riffs and heavy blues solos. Stop When The Red Lights Flash begins with a great hook, culminating in high energy explosion.

Lazy Bones is a song of desperation and tiredness with clear guitar hook and harmonies. Wild One is a reflective love song with dark imagery.

The menacing guitar progresses into a pop-rock song. Makeout Party, as the name suggests, is an out-and-out hard rock track on all aspects — energy, suggestive lyrics, great instrumental riffing matched by equally good percussion, powerful vocals and an amazing guitar solo to top it all. This one will be a winner at live shows.

Stray Heart reminds one of the 60s and 70s bubblegum pop with a touch of Green Day. Ashley and Baby Eyes are standard fare which keep the band going. Lady Cobra, the intro track to Nightlife, has heavy bass, fuzzy guitars, and a strong melody.

The follow up Nightlife is Green Day’s experiment with hip-hop with some effective rapping by Lady Cobra from the band Mystic Knights of the Cobra. It is a slow and dark song.

Wow! That’s Loud is a more delightful cacophony with wild guitar hooks, great lyrics and a thundering crash in the end.

Amy, the 13th and the final track, is a solemn, reflective and poignant tribute to Amy Winehouse, who died recently. Its clean guitar lines is something which Green Day has never done before.

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