Vivekananda was above all religions, says scholar

Hindu fundamental groups are trying to limit the scope of Vivekananda

Thinker J H Narayana Swami flayed at a few Hindu outfits for wrongly portraying Swami Vivekananda as a Hindu ideologist, by hiding the secular ideologies that Vivekananda preached through his work.

He was speaking after inaugurating a state-level conference on Swami Vivekananda organised by Swami Vivekananda 150th anniversary celebrations committee at St Aloysius College on Saturday.

Coming down heavily against the Hindu fundamental groups for limiting the scope of Vivekananda, he said Vivekananda not only regarded Hinduism, but he also equally respected other religions. It is a shame that a few people have taken the copyright of Vivekananda and spread his selected ideologies to divide the society.

“Vivekananda was above all religions. He in his speeches and work has strongly opposed the growing hatredness of people towards other religions.

He regretted that the religion was misused for creating drift in the society. In one of his speeches, Vivekananda has said the charity in Christianity, equality in Islam and spirituality in Hindu are the three significant contributions of the three religions.

Swami Vivekananda who stood for secularism is today unfortunately is portrayed as a leader of one religion, which is due to the agenda of priestly class,” Narayana Swami criticised.

Stating that Vivekananda was deeply concerned about the ignorance prevailing in India, the scholar said, he regarded ‘half-baked knowledge’ in Indians as the cause for all conflicts. The great orator was against the priestly class and ruling class. The facts are twisted to suit once convenience, thus depriving people to understand the true messages which Vivekananda delivered.

Addressing the students, Narayana Swami asked them to follow three significant messages of Vivekananda including sympathy, search for truth and dedication.
Students Federation of India State President Ananth Naik too stressed on the need to free Swami Vivekananda from the clutches of a few fundamental forces. “Don’t hide Vivekananda behind the walls of Hinduism, because his preachings are equally important to all,” he said.

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