Anna Hazare to review stand on Kejriwal's party

Anna Hazare to review stand on Kejriwal's party

To hold meetings to finalise strategy on crucial issues

Anna Hazare to review stand on Kejriwal's party

In a meeting of India Against Corruption (IAC) scheduled for Monday, social activist Anna Hazare will articulate his stand on whether to support Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party in elections or remain neutral.

The meeting is considered to be crucial owing to the confusion among the IAC supporters on the issue that has been created by Hazare’s statement.

Anna had recently said that he would support Kejriwal in elections and praised him for his honesty and commitment. However, after coming to the national capital this week, he contradicted his statement. Insiders say that IAC members complained of inconsistency in taking a stand on AAP’s electoral politics.

“IAC members were baffled over his statement to support Kejriwal. They wanted Anna to have a clear view on it,” said an insider.

“This meeting is to finalise strategy on crucial issues including the role Anna has to play in elections. There has been certainly been some confusion on the issue due to misreporting in media. It will be cleared in the meeting,” said Sunita Godara, a core committee member.

Towards a clear vision

After the spilt from Kejriwal, Hazare has been searching for a concrete articulation on the path his former associate has taken to even after he successfully constituted his core committee with new inductions.

He will visit Varanasi this week to address students. He will also attend a meeting of IAC supporters from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The meeting will deliberate on his national campaign scheduled from January 30, Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary. The campaign will start from Patna.

The Gandhian, who has been recovering in a private hospital in Gurgaon, is expected to be discharged on Sunday.

“He is fine. He was suffering from acidity and fatigue. His personal assistant has joined him and he is taking care of his food etc,” Godara told Deccan Herald.