Relatives yet to come to grips with Saldhana's death

Relatives of Jacintha Saldanha, the Indian-origin nurse who died in London, are yet to come to grips with the tragedy and many are rushing to her house here to console the grieving members.

"She used to talk to me over phone at least once a week. Who will phone me now", was the question posed by Saldhana's 80-year-old-mother-in-law Carmine Barboza.

Barboza is inconsolable ever since she was informed by her son Benedict last Friday that her daughter-in-law was no more.

The family was yet to get the details and what caused her death, Barboza said.

46-year-old Saldhana, who was duped into transferring a hoax call that gave away information on the pregnant Kate Middleton's medical condition to Australian radio presenters, was on Friday found dead in a suspected suicide.

Her unconscious body was found at an address yards away from King Edward VII Hospital, where she was working.

The exact cause of death remained unclear. However, media has indicated that the woman appeared to have killed herself.

News of the nurse's death triggered a furious outpouring against the radio station and the two presenters involved.

Saldanha, a mother of two teenage children, arrived in the UK a decade ago from Udipi near Mangalore in Karnataka.  

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