Crash in jasmine prices worry growers

Despite the coastal region opening itself for the wedding and festive season, the market price for Udupi jasmine also known as ‘Shankarapura Mallige,’ has witnessed a sudden dip. A jasmine ‘atte’ which was priced Rs 820 on Saturday was dipped to Rs 330 on Sunday.

The ready availability of Bhatkal jasmine in the market is said to be the main reason for the sudden dip in the price. Though Bhatkal jasmine does not have a large market like that of Udupi jasmine, its cultivation has increased of late. Bhatkal jasmine has intruded the markets which was earlier ruled by Udupi jasmine.

The decline in the price has put the cultivators in trouble as they are worried over the profit, especially at a time when the jasmine is cultivated in a large quantity.

Shankarapura jasmine has huge demand in Kerala, Mumbai and foreign countries
especially in West Asia and its is transported to these places on a regular basis. The price of Udupi jasmine also witnessed dip in Mumbai on Sunday. The traders are hopeful of the situation turning normal within two to three days.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Ronald Castelino, a jasmine grower, alleged the role of mediators in the price variation. Though the demand for jasmine has increased due to the intervention of mediators, the actual profit does not reach the growers.
These mediators who purchase loads of jasmine from the local market, sell them to traders from other places at a very high cost. This is creating shortage of jasmine for sale at the local markets, he said,

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