Protests continue in Egypt against proposed referendum

Egypt continued to witness protests as opposition members, despite annulment of the controversial decree by President Mohammad Mursi, staged demonstrations against the proposed referendum slated for next Saturday.

Large number of people marched towards the presidential palace yesterday for joining demonstrators camping there for past one week.

However, The Republican Guard forces blocked all roads leading to the palace to stop them, and only allowed those already inside the road blocks to leave, leading to a verbal friction between the two groups.

The supporters of President Mursi, on the other hand, gathered in large numbers in front of the main headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood in Muqattam.

The opposition is objecting to the draft constitution which Egyptians will go to referendum next Saturday.

National Front for Salvation, the opposition bloc, wants to escalate the peaceful means of demonstration and has called for massive protests next Tuesday.

Pro-Mursi Islamist groups are also calling for massive marches on Tuesday in an apparent show of strength and support.

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