In role reversal, tipsy girls thrash boys

 Akhilesh Yadav government would not have factored this in when it recently launched the ‘women  powerline’ to provide quick help to molestation victims across Uttar Pradesh as in this case it was the men’s turn to seek police help.

According to the police sources, three girls — allegedly in an inebriated state — thrashed two youths, saying   they had molested them at a fast-food joint.

Cops posted at a nearby police post reached the spot and brought the youths to the police station thinking that they were the culprits and asked the girls to go home. The girls, however, stormed the police station and started abusing the boys there also.

“The girls also thrashed the youths in front of the police. They were drunk and would  simply not listen to anyone,” said the police officials.

As there were no women police personnel, the cops had a tough time subduing the girls.

Excess alcohol

“They were sent for a medical examination which confirmed the presence of alcohol in their blood in excess of what is allowed as per the law,” the officials said.
It later turned out that the girls drank a few bottles of beer followed by a visit to a fast food joint for a quick bite.

“We are trying to verify the facts. Prima facie it appears that the youths were the victims and not culprits,” the official added.

The incident that occurred  at a posh commercial district in the state capital on Sunday evening took even the police by surprise.

“It is a first incident of its kind,” the officials said.
Some days ago, two class 11 girl students were caught drinking beer at a school in
Uttar Pradesh’s Saharanpur town.

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