Now, Rahul targets Gujarat CM

Modi chides Cong scion over House attendance

Now, Rahul targets Gujarat CM

It was his first appearance on the last day and his address did cause a political din. As curtains came down on the first phase of elections to the Gujarat assembly, Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi made his maiden appearance in Gujarat by calling  Chief Minister Narendra Modi a “marketeer” who spreads “false campaign”.

With hours, addressing a rally in Ahmedabad Modi shot back at the Congress leader. “I had asked Sonia and Rahul Gandhi to do their home-work and come to Gujarat or else they will fail. I have not much hope for Rahul Gandhi. Today he  said Mahatma Gandhi is his guru. He said he follows Gandhi’s footsteps.  Gandhi ji wanted to disband Congress after independence and this wish of his will definitely be fulfilled by Rahul Baba,” he said.

Interestingly, Rahul targeted Modi’s development agenda in the heart of the Nano car at Sanand on the outskirts of Ahmedabad which houses the Tata plant. “Do you know from your money, about Rs 60,000 goes per car towards manufacturing. Does anyone here own a Nano. The answer is No. A special few have been getting benefits at the cost of you, the tax payers,’’ alleged Rahul.

Without naming Modi, Rahul commented that the “man who just thinks of himself” was only been dreaming about himself and not the people of the state. He said the Congress had introduced several acts which were part of an initiative so that the people’s voice could be heard. “You select your representative but your representatives are not allowed to meet in the Assembly and thus your voice is not heard. The assembly has been allowed to carry out function for  just 25 days. Why isn’t your voice being heard,’’ questioned Rahul.

To this, Modi said: “Rahul Gandhi said that Gujarat Assembly meets only for 25 days. The Parliamnet records shows that. Gandhi is one of the MPs who attends the House the least. He went for 25 days out of 85,’’ he told a gathering at Gomtipur in Ahmedabad.

Rahul said that it was now the choice of the people whether they want a government where the voice of the people were heard or they wanted a government which heard the voice of a select fews.

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