Proving their worth through music

What was evident with most of the bands — both established and up-and-coming — that performed at ‘Strawberry Fields’, the annual rock fest of the National Law School of India University (NLSIU), was their passion, commitment and eagerness to explore and experiment with sounds and create something new.

Each of the bands has different influences and would rather write their own music than borrow and rehash what already exists. Metrolife interacted with a few of the bands at the fest and got them talking more about their music and what keeps them going.

The psych-blues band Parvaaz performed on the concluding day and Kashif Iqbal, one of the members of the band, feels what has brought the band thus far is their commitment and passion for whatever they do. The band draws its inspiration to write music from Kashmiri poetry and folk music. “As a band, we pick up anything that sounds melodious. Most of what we produce isn’t too heavy in nature. Our debut album, Behosh has ten songs which document our experiences,” explains Kashif. Talking about the strength of the band, Kashif replies, “It’s our live performance and the fact that we write some original stuff that people like. The young connect well with us.” The band also comprises Khalid Ahamed on vocals, Sachon Banandor on drums and Fidel D’souza on bass.      

‘Anthracite’ is an industrial-metal band from Mumbai and was rated among the top five during ‘Strawberry Fields.’ Abhishek, from the band, says, “We make head-banging music and our lyrics are very random. We don’t intend to send out any message but I think what people like most about us is our stage presence. We are very lovely and energetic on stage.” The band members are all young and Abhishek believes, “All the energy comes from the fact that we are young and have no pre-conceived notions about life. We are willing to experiment and explore music and what it has to offer. Every concert is an experience in itself.”

‘Orchid’, another heavy-metal band that was also rated among the five tops bands during the fest, draws its inspiration to write and make music from the present state of the world. Talking about the philosophy of the band, Kaushal, the vocalist says, “We live in a world of anarchy. We love to stray away from what is supposed to be the order. We live in a world of illusion and that’s what we try to dispel through our music.” Vinay, the guitarist, pitches in, “We do our own thing and we talk about what we think should be the order. We know that nothing much will change, but we can always say what we want to through our music.”

Another music band, ‘The News’ is a fairly new one. Talking about how the band evolved, Ankit — one of its members — says, “We love music and a few of us just decided to get together and start playing together. We call ourselves ‘The News’ because we want to share the joy of peace and spread the cheer to those around us.” The band is influenced by the music of ‘The Beatles’ Dave Matthews. “We don’t play any loud stuff — much like how each one of us is in real life,” Ankit sums up.

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