'I want to marry an Indian girl'


Dilli dilwaalo ka shehar hai’, the saying is apt and describes our City in one sentence. A home to many nationalities, Delhi welcomes everyone with full heart. One such person living in India for nearly three years is Sulaiman Ayobi, a trader from Afghanistan.

Living in Bhogal, a predominantly Sikh locality in South Delhi, Sulaiman has adjusted himself. “It has always felt like home in India. I like being here. This is not very different from our country. The best part here is that, they let us be,” he says.  

Talking to Metrolife, Sulaiman also confessed to having fallen in love with the City. “I came to Delhi for business. I am into jewellery and dry fruits business and now I don’t feel like going back to my place.”

Staying all alone away from family consisting of father, mother and two sisters, Sulaiman doesn’t want to go back now. Like any other Afghani, he has also found a base for himself in the narrow lanes and confined living quarters of Bhogal as the rents are cheaper than in the neighbouring Jangpura. Doesn’t he miss his family? “My parents keep coming after every two months as my father is into cosmetics business. So, missing them is not an issue,” adds Sulaiman.

Ask him about the problems he faced during his ‘adjusting’ phase in Delhi, he laughs and shares his experience. “Initially I had problems with the incense sticks (agarbattis) that people use at homes.

They used to irritate me a lot but now I am used to it,” says Sulaiman.

Adding to his list of woes was Indian food. “I faced huge problems during the first two months here as the food here is very spicy unlike the food available in Afghanistan. But now I eat everything, I don’t have a choice too,” he smiles.

For him spitting and honking has also been a turnoff. “I see people spitting here and there. They are just not bothered about the environment. It was something new for me. Also the people are bit impatient here when they are driving, they just keep on honking. Even during a red signal I find people honking unnecessarily,” clears Sulaiman.

According to Sulaiman, the culturally vibrant country has made a mark in his life. “Keeping all the negative aspects of Delhi, I just love the culture here. I celebrate Diwali, Holi and have also been to the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Akshardham Temple in Delhi and have even taken part in burning the effigy of Raavan.”

How about the girls of Delhi? “I would like to marry an India girl for sure now. They are really beautiful and attractive. Also Indian weddings are amazing and colourful,” signs off Sulaiman.

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