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Dear Sir,

I have done BE in Industrial Production with 65.15 per cent marks. I have not found a job until now, so I am planning to become a teaching faculty in an engineering college for Mechanical and Mechanical-related branches.

I have taken PGCET 2012 to join M-Tech. Which branch should I join in M-Tech in order to get a teaching job quickly? As per my knowledge, there are branches like CIM, Design, Thermal, Production Design and Manufacturing etc., Also there are branches called Industrial Automation Engineering and Aerospace Propulsion Tech. Are these favourable for teaching? If branch is not important in M-Tech (for a teaching job) unlike in BE, I will select a branch that costs less in terms of fees. If branch plays a role I will invest on the suggested branch. Also, I need to know the scope of all Mechanical M-Tech branches in a teaching career. Job ads mention only qualification as per AICTE norms. But AICTE norms, particularly for Mechanical UG faculty, are unavailable in the AICTE website. Can you send me the web link which shows AICTE qualification norms, particularly for Mechanical UG faculty jobs?
Priyanka Jain

Dear Priyanka,

I do sympathise with you that you have not been able to get a job even three years after qualifying as an engineer.  This itself should be an eye-opener to you whether you are in the right career.  Many students join engineering only because of a mistaken belief that it guarantees a good career. But if you do not have an aptitude towards engineering, have not been scoring very high, and do not enjoy working in technology, please do not seek a teaching job only as an escape route.

Think of your working span which will extend to 40-50 years, and take up something that you enjoy.As a graduate engineer, you are eligible to move into management, administration, civil and military service, business process outsourcing, design and creativity fields, marketing, human resources, scientific research, financial management, mass communication, school and college teaching, to name just a few.  After considering all options, if you are still very keen to get into a teaching career in mechanical engineering, do take up a temporary job in any engineering (degree or polytechnic) college for at least a year. Then you will not only get a first-hand experience into the technical teaching profession, but will also gain clarity on which course to take up for your ME/MTech.

Dear Sir,

I am a Class XII student and I am considering journalism as a career option. I’ve been trying to surf the Net about the universities that offer Journalism at the UG level but it’s not been very helpful. I am aware of colleges such as SIMC (Pune) and St Xaviers (Mumbai) which offer Bachelors in Mass Media. But I would really appreciate it if you could suggest institutes in South India, offering Bachelors’ degrees in journalism/mass communication.

Dear Himali,

There are many colleges in the large cities of South India that offer a degree course which has a combination of subjects like Journalism, Mass Communication, Psychology, Communicative English, Sociology, Visual Media etc.  SIMC and St Xavier’s are definitely good, but there are many equally good institutions in South India too, including Christ, Joseph’s, Mount Carmel, CMR, Jyothi Nivas, COMMITS, Jain (of Bangalore), to name just a few.  Subsequently, you can take up a one or two year PG course specialising in whatever area of Mass Communication that you would like to pursue.

Dear Sir,

I am 23 years old. Due to some family problems I could not complete my Diploma (10+3). As soon as I completed the final year of my diploma course (I still have arrears to clear) I started working. I enjoy working to ensure quality service to customers and I am currently employed with a reputed company. I have almost three years experience in the field of customer service/support.

However, I am still a temporary employee struggling to find a productive IT career. I don’t want to change my professional path as I already have work experience related to customer support and can be focused on updating myself as technology advances. The only inferiority complex I have is about my education. I am tagged an undergraduate.  I believe in myself and I have good working skills and I am always hungry to learn. Can’t an undergraduate have a foothold/ make a career in IT/MNC’s?  I’ve applied for a distance education degree course. Will it be helpful for me? I am worried that my undergraduate tag will hinder my career plans. I need your advice.

Dear Manoj,

It’s a pleasure to see your commitment and desire, to not only make a bright future, but also to dedicate yourself to your chosen field without seeking short-cuts.  With this determination you will eventually rise high. Do take up the Open University degree course (preferably a BCA or BBA) so that in three years you will be a graduate.  At the same time do explore whether you can complete the arrears and get your Diploma, because that will open the doors for you to enrol for BE in an evening college and complete it in three years.  As you gain more experience and expertise, you will find that you are given opportunities based on your skills rather than your paper qualifications, so do go ahead and continue with your mission.

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