Outside the classroom

Outside the classroom

Practical Experience

Outside the classroom

A group of MBA students from Sambhram School of Management recently went on an industrial visit, to get a hands-on, real experience of the working of different industries.

This time, the students visited Makino India Private Limited — a firm which manufactures automobile parts and is located in Whitefield.

The objective behind the visit was to get a glimpse of the practical side of management and understand how best to implement the various theories that they are told about in the classroom.

Since this is a Japanese company, the students got a chance to find out more about the management styles from that part of the world.

During their visit, they were shown how to handle operations in different domains of management. On their part, the group of students was bursting with enthusiasm; they had no dearth of questions to ask the officials at the company, and were quick to volunteer opinions of their own.

Somnath, a first-semester student of the college, says that there was a lot to take away from the trip. “We got to see the manner in which the company focusses on quality and timely delivery. We also saw the various ways in which they achieve their targets,” he explains. Perhaps one of the best parts of the programme was the fact that the students could relate their classroom theory to the processes they saw taking place around them.
This gave an additional dimension to their knowledge, one outside the realms of the classroom.

“We definitely could relate everything we saw there to what we learn in class,” says Somnath, adding that it was a great experience to get in-depth knowledge of a company with such a large turnover.

They visited Vikas Soudha to listen to a host of speakers, who addressed them on
government practices, the application of RTI and public policy.