'It feels nice to have pan-India acceptance'

'It feels nice to have pan-India acceptance'

Adventurous Streak

'It feels nice to have pan-India acceptance'

There are very few actresses in the film industry, who not only get accepted in every language, but also see success in them.Asin, who is one of them, has seen a hit track record at the box-office.

She has even earned tag lines like ‘lucky mascot’ and ‘lady luck’, for many of her films. But the actress, who was in the City recently, says that she is happy with the kind of roles she is getting.

“It feels nice to get a pan-India acceptance. I am extremely happy and content with my journey in Bollywood and so are my filmmakers, who are setting records at the box-office. While these numbers at the box-office are good, as an artiste, I am looking forward to some good roles. Because when I look back, I want to be proud of the work I have done,” she says.

Her recent film, with Akshay Kumar, Khiladi 786 is doing well and the actress says that she feels very fortunate to work in a Khiladi movie. Playing a Maharashtrian girl in the film, Asin says that she had to really work hard on her accent. “I was very keen on
doing this role and I knew I really had to do my home work for it.

Since I am based in Mumbai, I took help from everybody — from my cook to my driver to everyone on the sets – to get the right Hindi accent. Interestingly, only after the shoot did I come to know that Akshay knows Marathi as well. Otherwise, I would have taken his help as well,” she states.

This being her second film with the actor, she explains that her rapport with him has grown and she is still amazed at the way he performs. “This time, I got to see Akshay perform his own stunts. The first shot I had in the film had Akshay jump off a building and he did this without any cables. I was really shocked. But what I really appreciate about him is the fact that he has the right attitude and is fit enough to do these stunts,” she adds.

What many don’t know is that Asin also has an adventurous streak. “When I am not shooting, I love para-gliding off cliffs and sky diving. It’s sad that I don’t get to do enough adventurous things on screen, but I more than make up for it off screen,” she sums up.