We are one today!

We are one today!

First Anniversary

We are one today!

Today, dear reader, your Metrolife celebrates its first birthday. Exactly to the date, when Metrolife was launched in 2011, it was envisioned as a distinctive and unique City supplement.

Our effort since, has been to give you holistic coverage, taking into account subjects ranging from student to civic issues; Indian classical dance and music concerts to international music fests and ballets and operas; Equal due has been accorded to celebrities, sports stars, young achievers and national and international artistes.

University issues have shared space with locality cove­rage; stories on cuis­i­n­es, careers and couture ha­ve been all-encompassing wh­ile Delhi’s nooks; small but special eateries, hang-out zones, and even monuments have been highlighted for your reading pleasure.

Our anniversary issue has mixed flavours too. We sal­u­te today’s youth and their creativity, which is why the special edition opens with a work by 23-year old Akshar Pathak, a specialist in minimalist posters, who has des­ig­ned one for Metrolife  too, keeping in mind that  we cover everything from Chan­d­ni Chowk’s special chai to cappuccino in plush cafés.

Shreya Pradhan and Suraj Sharma of Life of Pi fame sh­a­­re spotlight with collegia­tes who take time off to serve under-privileged. Quick bites highlights Delhi’s top chefs, making them go down memory lane. The events too are an eclectic combo of works of art by master cra­f­tsmen on one hand and reportage on Don Pasq­u­ale, a comic opera –  first-of-its-kind event in the City on the other. 

Metrolife has been noticed in the right circles, picked up by discerning readers like you and applauded too. Today, we extend a very special thanks to you for encouraging us in our fledgling effo­r­ts. As we step into our second year, we look forward to your continued presence and esteemed association. Come grow with us, for Metrolife is your bond with Delhi.