Imran-Liyakat steal show

Imran-Liyakat steal show

Imran-Liyakat steal show

Maharashtra bowlers Imran Salim Khan and Liyakat Lambe bagged the men’s doubles title in the Canara Bank National tenpin bowling team championship at the Blu O in Orion Mall here on Wednesday.

Imran and Liyakat scored 2422 pinfalls to emerge champions, beating Karnataka duo of Akaash Ashok Kumar and Huned Khokar by a narrow 21 pins.  

Akaash and Huned registered a total pinfall of 2401 in the morning squad. Akaash tallied 1249 and Huned garnered 1152. Playing in the same squad, Delhi's father and son duo H V Sarda and Dhruv finished behind Karnataka pair with a total pinfall of 2368. 

Imran scored 184, 235, 169, 235, 200 and 212 while Liyakat came up with 179, 225, 213, 169, 222, 179 in the six games with an average of 201.83.

Aakash had a score of 267, 185, 184, 232, 183, 198 and  his team-mate Huned tallied 172, 224, 196, 195, 221, 144 to end up with an average of 200.08.

In the men’s All Events, Dhruv Sarda of Delhi leads the pack with 1295 pinfalls with Karnataka bowler Akaash Ashok Kumar (1249) and Imran (1236) lie second and third respectively.

Tamil Nadu’s Umesh Kumar was in the fourth place with 1217 pinfalls while Liyakat was in the fifth spot with 1187 pinfalls.

Karnataka’s Parvez Ahmed (1163), Huned (1152), Pratyek Satya (1142)and Kunal Jain (1141) were the four other bowlers from the State to feature in the top-ten bracket.