Open your heart

What does it mean to have an open heart? Why do we feel afraid to open our heart? Probably, because we don't want to be hurt; or look foolish; or we feel that others would abuse our trust.

Opening the heart is to be able to have trust for yourself and also to understand that there is a higher being than myself looking after me so that I can feel safe.

To have an open heart is to feel contentment and happiness; to be free and peaceful - not hiding nor pretending. You are then open to experiences and can become really adventurous.

If my connection is with Supreme, then it is easier to have good relationships with others. When you open your heart, you are able to communicate with others openly.

How do we begin to open our heart? One way to open the heart is to develop the nature of having good wishes for oth­ers.

To become an easy person to be with is to create a space within ourselves to have good wishes. It is important to start thinking differently about ourselves.

To create good wishes for others and for the self is the starting point of  being able to create changes in the world around you. We can create positive and empowering atmosphere when we have a con­nection with each other that is positive and meaningful. When we feed our mind with good thoughts, then we begin to feel contented and happy.

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