Potential linked credit plan for Kodagu district released

Nabard has prepared  Rs 2,378 crore worth potential linked credit plan for Kodagu district for 2013-14.

Zilla Panchayat President B Shivappa and CEO K B Anjanappa released the plan at Lead Bank hall in Madikeri on Wednesday. The plan has been prepared by discussing with the various officials, Coffee Board, Spices Board and others.

Compared to last year, there has been increase of 32 per cent in the potential linked credit plan.

About Rs 2089 crore has been earmarked for agriculture. This includes Rs 962 crore for coffee, paddy—Rs 80 crore, pepper—Rs 31.35 crore, arecanut—Rs 21 crore, coconut—Rs 13.12 crore, cardamom—Rs 16.53 crore, orange—Rs 20.92 crore, banana—Rs 12.37 crore, maize—Rs 6.21 crore, ragi—Rs 45 lakh, ginger—Rs 27.20 crore, tobacco—Rs 27.72 crore, and vegetables—Rs 7.40 crore.

A sum of Rs 1596.22 crore has been identified for crop loan. A sum of Rs 492.89 crore has been earmarked for the term loan for agriculture and related activities. A sum of Rs 2089.11 crore has been earmarked for  potential linked credit plan for agriculture.

Nabard prepares an estimate of potential linked credit plan every year. Based on the plan, Lead Bank announces district credit plan in the month of March. All the banks will initiate measures to distribute loans to all priority and non priority sectors as per the plan, said Lead Bank Manager Arunachala Sharma.

He said that from April to September, the target was to disburse loan of Rs 989.80 crore in agriculture sector. A sum of Rs 441.54 crore has been disbursed. About Rs 123.26 crore has been disbursed as short term loan during the period.

In the priority sector, the target was Rs 1637.10 crore and loan amount of Rs 712.96 crore has been disbursed. In the non priority sector, loan of Rs 858.20 crore has been disbursed. RBI Chief Manager G H Rao said that the banks should reach its target. Nabard Assistant Manager Shivaram Krishnan also spoke.

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