Chai, Chai: Travels in Places Where You Stop But Never Get Off
Bishwanath Ghosh
Tranquebar, 2009, pp 214, Rs 250

The author decides to roam the towns beyond station yards — towns with evocative names like Itarsi, Mughal Sarai, Arakkonam and Jolarpettai, Jhansi, Shoranur and Guntakal — to discover the lives of people who may have grown inured to the constant whistle of passing trains.

India Shining, India Changing: Contemporary Stories
Edited by Gioia Guerzoni
Tranquebar, 2009, pp 191, Rs 295

Eleven young writers and a graphic novelist have contributed their stories, and answered questions on what art, writing, loving and living in India means to them. The anthology showcases fiction, non-fiction and graphic art essays by the youngest among the best-known players on the Indian literary stage.

Bhelpuri: A Collection of Short Stories
Inklings — Writers From Bangalore
Songbyrde, 2009, pp 239, Rs 220

Nine women, nine voices. Singing of universal themes... of living and loving, of winning and losing, of creation and destruction. Each voice has its own very special timbre, each eye observing a different facet of life, each heart throbbing to a different drum beat. This collection is sometimes like a hymn of praise, sometimes a paean of joy and at other times, a requiem of loss... but like a ballad, always with a story to tell.

Authentic Relationships From The Inside Out
Sarah Abell
Hachette, 2009, pp 368, Rs 395

If you want genuine, meaningful relationships with anyone and everyone in your life, this is the book for you. Full of practical advice, it will show you how to invest in authentic relationships — one of the most rewarding adventures we can ever undertake.

Gulzar: 100 Lyrics
Translated by Sunjoy Shekhar
Penguin, 2009, pp 274, Rs 499

A collection of 100 lyrics handpicked by Gulzar himself, is a treasury containing the most memorable lyrics from a five-decade-long career. A bilingual volume containing the original lyrics in Devanagari script alongside lucid and evocative English translations, and featuring anecdotes about the composition of the lyrics, this collection is full of nostalgic charm and poetic finesse.

Tales in Colour & Other Stories
Kunzang Choden
Zubaan, 2009, pp 145, Rs 250

What are the new realities that confront Bhutanese women today? What challenges do they face when their tradition-bound close-knit family life is suddenly replaced by the anonymity of an urban existence? These deceptively simple stories uncover both the complexity and irony of women’s lives in contemporary Bhutan. They show how ordinary lives, choices and experiences are both remarkable and poignant.