It can be the last call!

It can be the last call!

Disregarding Rules

It can be the last call!

Using a mobile phone while driving or riding is quite a familiar sight in spite of people knowing the perils attached to it. Most often, warnings regarding this fall on deaf ears. In the City, where a large number of people use two-wheelers in their day-to-day lives, a significant portion continues to use the phone while riding.

Vijay, a trainer, says that speaking while riding endangers not only the rider’s life, but also others on the road.

 “I make it a point to stop the bike to receive the phone call. Riding and talking simultaneously creates a dangerous situation. When one’s co­n­cen­tration is not on the road, an accident is bound to happen,” he says.

Vishak, another Bangalorean, adds, “It is extremely dangerous to speak while riding as two-wheelers can easily get hit by other vehicles. I never receive a call while riding. If somebody is calling me repeatedly, I park my bike on the side of the road and then call the person back. It is advisable for everybody to follow the same policy.”

There are some people who believe that as long as one can manage it, it is not a problem. Ajay, who rides a bike, says, “I have a lot of friends who speak on the phone while riding. They have been doing this for many years now. I think it is nothing but multi-tasking. After one point, you start doing it at subconsciously. Nevertheless, I do not recommend it to others.”

M A Saleem, additional commissioner of police (traffic ), explains that speaking while riding is one of the major causes for accidents. He says, “It is a grave danger to speak on the phone while riding. When one is doing that, one’s concentration is not on the road. That can be fatal.”

“Around 15 accidents happen in Bangalore every day, and 40 per cent of them involve two wheelers. Many major and minor accidents occur because of this issue. However, when we see somebody talking over the phone while riding, for the first time, we charge a penalty of Rs 100. For the second and third time, it is Rs 300. Even after three times, if the mistake is repeated; the person’s licence will be cancelled,” informs Saleem.