Now shoes get a spa

Now shoes get a spa


Now shoes get a spa

It’s worthwhile to pay attention to your shoes, for they give the finish to any ensemble, provided they are well polished and in good shape. Shabby shoes can even make the smartest costume look awful.

At times, taking care of shoes is quite taxing and people often ignore it. People prefer to buy a new pair instead of mending old ones. But the latest trend in the market is treating your shoes with a ‘shoe spa’. The Shoe Spa is a shop that provides shoe laundry and cleaning services.

One can now give their best and favourite pair of shoes to this shop and get them in a newer look. Talking about the unique concept is Tabish Ahsan, the owner of The Shoe Spa who came up with this idea five years ago.

“After completing my BBA, I started this business as I wanted to do something on my own. This idea came into my mind due to personal experiences that I faced related to my torn and dirty shoes.”

R R Sharma, a Delhi based chiropodist too says that one should keep their feet clean to lead a healthy life. “People who sweat should keep their feet dry as it attracts a lot of dirt and bacterias.

One should also wear cotton socks with closed shoes and should only go for quality leather shoes.” According to Sharma, 40, 000 legs were cut last year due to gangrene, which is caused due to life-threatening conditions that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies. “One needs to keep in mind that no moisture is accumulated in between the fingers too,” adds Sharma.

So, The Shoe Spa can provide you what you were missing till date, i.e. a caretaker for your shoes. It provides free pick and drop facility. One is given an ID number through which one can trace their shoes. The shop provides cleaning, repairing, colouring, drying and dying too. The minimum charge is Rs 199 and can go more than Rs 4,999 pre pair depending on the requirements.

 The use of shoe-tree is also advised. It is a good plan to change walking shoes as soon as possible after coming into the house. Put the shoe-tree inside your shoes while they are still warm, and they will easily slip back to their perfect shape. Otherwise shoes are inclined to sag, crack, and become bulky in odd places.