Youngsters lured by tarot's power

Youngsters lured by tarot's power

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Youngsters lured by tarot's power

When Aarushie came across a pack of tarot cards in a mall, she just could not stop herself from not only buying them but also making up her mind to learn the art of reading them in due course.

Akanksha Madan was similarly attracted to the power of tarot when she saw a person getting his tarot reading done. Intrigued by the art, she went ahead to experience it and later decided to learn it to read the cards on her own.

The trend of reading tarot has caught up amongst youngsters who look upon these mystic cards as their healer. More so, when faced with crucial decisions in their personal and professional lives. The issues which they find hard to discuss with parents, peers or friends.

Tarot, then, comes to the rescue of these youngsters in search of guidance.

Yashima Khanna, a 24-year-old says, “I bought a pack of tarot and it had a book along with it describing what each card means. Since then, I have been reading tarot cards for my friends. It makes for an interesting time pass and directs us to be aware of our impending future.” This usually begins as a hobby but some have gone ahead to master the art professionally.

Even those who have taken up a subject like psychology are not untouched by their mystique. For instance, Aka­n­k­sha Madan, a post-graduate in clinical psychology says, “After I came to know of this art, I used to get my tarot reading done once in a month. Seven months later, I made up my mind to learn it, so as to read my cards myself.”

Having learnt the art, Akan­k­sha feels that it has had positive effects on her personality. “Tarot calms you down as an individual. It does forecast but at the same time makes you a better person. The prediction warns you and if you remain subdued during trouble, you will not only sail through it but also learn patience.”

Aarushie, a 25-year-old, shares that she was studying tourism from College of Vocational Studies, DU when her attraction towards tarot cards changed the course of her career.

“When I was a kid, I used to get visions but wasn’t aware of their significance. By the
time I turned 16, I started getting attracted towards alternative healing therapies and during my graduation, my enc­o­unter with tarot gave a new dimension to my existence. I realised that I am born to help people.”

Thus, after first year of graduation, she started learning it professionally. “I have been practicing tarot reading since 2007 and now there is no looking back.”