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A dose of action

In ‘Conan: The Barbarian’, Thulsa Doom (played by James Earl Jones) is the evil king of the Snake Cult. He and his warriors kill the parents of a young Conan, while the boy is made a slave. Conan (portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger) grows up to become a mighty warrior and fighter. When he is set free, Conan sets out to avenge his parents.

He is joined by archer Subotai (played by Gerry Lopez) and the beautiful thief Valeria (essayed by Sandahl Bergman), who falls in love with him. They set out to rescue Princess Yasmina, the daughter of King Osric (Max von Sydow), from the Snake Cult and take revenge on Thulsa Doom. Catch the flick on Star Movies at 9 pm on December 15.

With revenge on his mind

Payback’ airs on AXN at 10 pm on December 15. The movie revolves around Porter — no doubt, a bad man, but with neighbours that are worse.

Street-wise and tough, this ex-marine is betrayed by a one-time partner and shot in the back by his junkie wife. He survives and returns, looking to recover his share from the robbery of an Asian crime gang. Tune in to the movie for a dose of action.

The mean girls are back!

Mean Girls 2’ stars Meaghan Martin, Donn Lamkin, Linden Ashby, Dan Coleman, Claire Holt and Patrick Johnson.

The Plastics are back — this time, more fashionable, funny and ferocious than ever. This flick has all the elements of its prequel: action, drama, cat-fights and much more.

Watch as the viciously hilarious girl-war turns the entire school upside down. It airs on HBO at 7 pm on December 15.