Tripuraneni vs Infosys case settled

Infosys on Friday announced that the lawsuit filed by former employee Satya Dev Tripuraneni has been withdrawn and added that they have reached an “amicable settlement”.

In a petition filed with the District Court for the Northern District of California on August 2, 2012, Tripuraneni had claimed that after his complaint to the US Department of Homeland Security alleging that the company was illegally using B1 visas to bring Indian employees for onsite work, his supervisor took away 80 per cent of his portfolio and gave him unwarranted negative evaluations.

“The Dev Tripuraneni lawsuit filed against the company has been withdrawn following successful mediation of the dispute. We can confirm that we reached an amicable settlement, without any admission of liability. This settlement enables us to avoid the costs and distraction associated with protracted litigation,” Infosys said in a statement.

In 2011, Infosys had been sued by Jack Palmer on charges of B1 visa fraud; however, the company won the case on August 20 this year.

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