Custodians of 4 colleges sacked

Evaluation malpractices draw criticism

 The Bangalore University Academic Council on Friday decided to sack the custodians and assistant custodians of four valuation centres of the university -- Maharani College, United College, City College and Mariappa College -- for allegedly using unfair and unethical means in valuation of exam papers.

Karan Kumar, Chairperson of BEd Task Force, highlighted the delay in starting the valuation process in these centres. “Valuation should have started on December 10. It has already begun in other centres. If not for money, why is there a delay in these centres,” he questioned.

Kumar alleged that these centres have been collecting Rs 3,000 to Rs 5,000 per student to pass them or better their marks.

The BEd Task Force headed by Karan Kumar had found 55 colleges with gross irregularities and had recommended cancellation of their affiliation.

While the Academic Council accepted the report on November 30, some members of the Syndicate chose to give three month’s time for them to comply with the norms. “These colleges should not be allowed to admit students if they are given extra time to comply with the norms,” said Kumar.

Fee reduced

The Academic Council decided to reduce the fee for MSc in Molecular Biology from the present Rs 75,000 per annum to Rs 15,915.

The Council also decided to form a committee to look into the continuation of integrated courses like Business Studies, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, which were facing shortage of students. University’s decision to extend time for submission of PhD thesis also came in for severe criticism at the meeting. Council member Soumya Vijay claimed that in no other university in the country students get additional time to submit their thesis.

“Some of this has been caused by a lapse on the part of the university itself,” said K R Somashekhar, Registrar, Evaluation.

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