A museum in memory of beloved wife

A museum in memory of beloved wife

A museum in memory of beloved wife

What would be better than a museum to remember our beloved family members. Many have built schools, colleges, destitute homes in the name of their beloved, so that their names will remain in the minds of the people forever.

Here is a retired history lecturer who has built a museum in the name of his wife, at Lakkinakoppa situated between Narasimharajapura and Shimoga.

H Khandobarao was a lecturer in National PU College in Shimoga. He had married Yashodha, a history lecturer from N R Pura. Yashodha had passed away five years ago due to illness. In the name of his wife, friends and family members, he has come out with a museum.

The museum is housed in two old buildings which has traditional tiles. As one enters the museum, the statue of wild animals, Ashoks pillar, antiques highlighting the traditional rural life will attract the visitors. 

From coins to the antiques, rare photographs finds its place in the museum.

A visit to the museum will take one back to the time immemorial. Coins of various rulers who have ruled Karnataka and India, coins which were circulated after independence, coins and currencies from various countries of the world will help one to increase his/her knowledge.

The antique boxes used for storing lime, betel leaves, arecanut, age-old
locks, utensils used for religious rituals, panchaloha utensils, statues of Gods and Goddesses made of Panchaloha, seizures used for cutting arecanut and others were also on display.

About 32 paintings of Ravi Varma keep the visitors spell-bound on the collections of Khandobarao.

A rare photographs of 40 rulers of India taking part in a session where Delhi was renamed as New Delhi in 1911 was another attraction.

Varieties of clocks, gramophone, radio, wooden vessels used in Malnad, sickels with different wooden handles, spear, axe, traditional guns, cloth bags, correspondences between the rulers on the relationship between Karnataka and Maharashtra, Bhagavadgeethe, pens, age-old traditional attire and others will attract the visitors.

Khandobarao has brought out a collection of 62 poems written by his wife 40 years ago under the title ‘Aache eechegalache.’

He said “the museum has been built to showcase the rich tradition and culture to the future generation. I want to built Yashodha Maithri Samskrithika Bhavana on the model of Shivappa Nayaka’s palace.”

The museum is open for the public on Saturday, Sunday and during public holidays.