Be innovative, adventurous, teachers told

Be innovative, adventurous, teachers told

 Addressing an international conference on ‘Innovative pedagogy in business and management education’ he said teachers should refrain from the usual safe approach to teaching as teachers tend to teach the contents stated in curriculum without being adventurous or innovative.

Professor Spencer encouraged teachers to be brave enough to take up new teaching methods and broaden the horizons by making use of the available latest technologies.

He said, “There is a lot of demand in teaching profession as an individual is expected to play the role of a teacher, leader and research scholar. Students’ needs and requirements from the curriculum should be kept in mind while teaching. Effective teaching can be attained by focusing on how to prepare students in tandem with market demands”.

He remarked that the teachers here in India are looking closely to change teaching methods while embarking towards a bright new future.  Teachers and professors had an opportunity at the conference to enhance their skills, with the requirements of students and the industries.


Some of the other topics which were extensively discussed were, use of emerging technologies for effective pedagogy in management education, active learning strategy to develop quantitative decision making skills, pedagogical innovations in entrepreneurial education in India, teaching pedagogy in management education, study on importance of emotional intelligence amongst B-School teachers and innovative pedagogy in quality of work life.

Usha, a teacher who was present at one of the discussions questioned about how to identify the competencies in teachers for which Prof Rajdeep Manwani who presented the paper on ‘understanding needs and learning stages of students in business and management pedagogy’, answered that intensive faculty development programmes at institutes was the only solution.