'No director has exploited my acting skills'


I have done almost all kinds of work from repairing  punctured tyres to washing utensils for others in the days of my schooling till I got admissi­on in college, to support myse­lf financially,” shares actor Yashpal Sharma, who is a classic example of being a great actor without the trappings of stardom. As his Myoho runs in theatres, the actor reveals fa­cts about his life, struggles and choice of roles to Metrolife.

Belonging to a modest family, Yashpal’s initial years were extremely difficult, “My father was a peon in the Government sector and couldn’t bear our educational expenses so my elder brother shouldered the responsibility. But I assured my brother that all I need from him is emotional support and the rest I will manage myself. He used to remain worried about me since I left options of pursuing a bank job, Navy opportunity and even a flourishing business in silver and chose to opt for acting instead. He used to say ‘Natak karke kya karlega’ but years down the lane when he saw me settling down in this profession, he took it as an achi­e­v­e­ment.”

The actor, however, doesn’t feel that he has achieved anything.

“I have not achieved eno­u­gh neither economically nor in terms of fame,” he confesses and shares that he still has a long way to go for, “no director has exploited my acting skills apart from Prakash Jha who has used them to a certain extent in movies like Gangaajal and Apharan.” So if his fans feels that he was good in Singh is Kinng and Rowdy Rathore, the actor denies it, “Kuch filme na­am aur paise ke liye karni padti hai. The roles that I play in these films can be enacted even otherwise.”

The actor, however, does not feel that his cameo got neglected in Anurag Kash­yap’s Gangs of Wasseypur. “Anurag and I were in the same flight to Lucknow when he told me about his upcoming film. He was so elated about it that I could not hold myself and requested him for a role if possible.

He initially refused stating that he either works with frustrated actors or with newcomers. When I explained my frustration for what I am doing, he offered me the character of an ‘Item Boy’ in GOW with the promise that my name will appear in special appearance in credits and sincerely fulfilled it.”

Frustrated with certain films since they are devoid of “creative satisfaction”, Yashpal’s feels that his talent is rescued by “theatre” and especially plays like Girish Karnad’s Tughlaq, which he recently performed in Delhi.

“Theatre provides me with creative and mental satisfaction. During Tughlaq, I had switched myself off from everything – including my cell phone and Facebook, for quality is more important than quantity.”

Is it this quality that made him opt for Myoho? “I liked the philosophical and spiritual idea behind its script. Moreover, when first time directors want to experiment with good scripts, I think I should help them and so I agreed to do Ranjan’s (Shandilya) debut film.”

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