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Tv Talk.

Tv Talk.

The second season kicks off

The second season of ‘Falling Skies’ premiers on AXN at 9 pm on December 19.

The new season presents a compelling story with enough twists and plot points to keep viewers satisfied. Picking up months after the first season’s finale, the Overlord decides to speak to Tom.

 Given Tom’s knowledge, the Overlord looks to him as a historian. Speaking through a harnessed Karen, the aliens make an interesting comparison to humanity itself, by revealing that their actions are simply reflecting what the inhabitants of Earth have done many times over.

When ego interferes with love

In Khushi, Khushi (played by Kareena Kapoor) is a young college girl, who is very fond of her father (essayed by Amrish Puri).

When her wedding gets cancelled, she goes to Mumbai to study further. There she meets Karan (played by Fardeen Khan) quite by chance — and predictably, they fall in love.

 However, she becomes unsure of their relationship when she finds him in the company of another girl.

After completing their education, Khushi goes back home to an arranged marriage while Karan is all set to go settle in Canada.

But what of their love for each other? Tune in to the movie on December 19 at 1 pm on Zee Premier to find out.

(tv show timings are subject to change)

A lot is at stake

A stellar cast — including Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Jeremy Piven, and Alicia Keys — star in ‘Smokin’ Aces’, an action-packed grind house flick from director Joe Carnahan.

A dying mob boss takes out a million-dollar contract on the life of his former protege, a Vegas magician-turned-gangster, who has agreed to testify against the mob.

The FBI attempts to protect their key witness as an array of hit men and women descend on Lake Tahoe in a race to take the magician out. Catch the flick on Zee Studio at 8.30 pm on December 19.  

Trying to become perfect

The Boyfriend School’ stars Shelley Long, Steve Guttenberg, Jami Gertz, Kyle MacLachlan and Madchen Amick and is directed by Malcolm Mowbray.

This is a romantic comedy about a cancer

patient, who can’t get back to dating after his recovery — his trauma has left him with no hair and a bloated face. His sister comes to his aid and turns him into the type of man the girl of his dreams would want. Watch the movie on MGM at 9 pm on
December 19.

Which side will win?

Catch ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ on HBO at 11.20 pm on December 19.
A year after he was forced into retirement, ex-spy George Smiley is called back by a cabinet-office official when information comes to him that there may be a Soviet spy — a mole — at the very top of the British secret

Smiley had been forced out along with Control, the head of spy agency, after a disastrous mission in Hungary where a colleague, Jim Prideaux, was shot.
It was also an unhealthy time in the secret service, known affectionately by its members as the Circus, with several senior officers having developed a new source of information in the USSR — but refusing to share that person’s identity.

Smiley agrees to return and over the course of his examination, learns that the secret Soviet source has become the mainstay of the service, one that they soon plan to use to get at US intelligence information. The movie stars Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, Mark Strong, John Hurt, Ilona Kassai and Zoltan Mucsi.

Life turned upside down

The Tourist’ stars Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul Bettany, Timothy Dalton, Steven Berkoff and Rufus Sewell. 

The film follows the journeys of Frank, an American tourist travelling in Italy. His life takes a complete turn one day in a train when Elise — a beautiful, mysterious lady with a troupe of policemen on her tail — chooses to sit next to him in a train.

Soon, it appears that Frank is over his head and might just have to pay a huge price for it. Tune in to the film on Star Movies at 9 pm on December 19.