Depicting a spectrum of emotions

Musical Production

Spreading a positive message to youngsters, the youth fellowship wing of St Andrews Church presented a musical recently at the church premises, called ‘A Christmas Once Lost’.

The play revolves around the story of two friends, who are set apart by ill fate during the Christmas season. Both of them happen to lose all that they have and are trapped in a web of deceit. After losing all hope, they don’t meet each other. But in a turn of events, they find themselves facing each other again — but under very different circumstances.

The musical is based on two characters — Kannan, who is a kleptomaniac, loses all that he values as well as his sight due to some unavoidable circumstances. Julian, another character, loses his father and blames Kannan for it. He falls into bad company and his priesthood is taken away from him. Soon after that, he abandons his family.

The musical opens with a song from the choir, which shows a blind man who has made a bus stop his home. The cast of the play really showcased their talents — both in terms of acting as well as singing. As the musical progresses, more characters are introduced. It portrays a wide array of emotions like happiness and grief, as well as a hint of humour.

It was performed to a full house. What really captured one’s attention was the fact that the show was managed and staged extremely well by the youngsters, who acted like true professionals.

Shahana, who had come to see the musical, says that the production met her expectations.

“St Andrews has always staged very good plays and this one has met my expectations as well. It has a strong message for the youngsters and many should be able to relate to the musical. The variety of songs that have been introduced in the musical is amazing and I give this group full marks,” she says.

Rubin, a student who was attending the musical along with a group of friends, says that he was impressed with the way the group pulled off the show.

“Managing a musical, I feel, is more difficult than a play, as a lot of practice and coordination is required. It requires a lot of spontaneity as well and I think the group has done a good job,” he sums up.

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