'The expansion here has been drastic'

'The expansion here has been drastic'

'The expansion here has been drastic'

Bangalore is one of the best cities in India to live in, beating metros like New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata, according to a worldwide survey done on cities by the global HR consultancy, Mercer.

While many Bangaloreans agree to this, some point out that infrastructure and sanitation in the City need a complete facelift.

Nikhil, a professional, is not surprised that the City has emerged on the top of the list as he feels it is one of the most desirable cities to live in, in the country. “Every City has its pros and cons. The best thing in Bangalore is its weather and the ambience. That stands out and makes anyone feel welcome here.

The City is much better compared to other cities in terms of comfort, infrastructure and transport. However, there are various things which can improve here,” he adds.
Poonacha, an executive, says that the need of the hour is to improve the conditions of the roads in the City.

As of now, the pitiable condition of the roads make living and commuting extremely difficult. “I have been living in Bangalore for a long time. The terrible bottlenecks that commuters have to face everyday during peak hours make the City no better than other cities,” he says.

“We waste a lot of time everyday while travelling. There are times when the traffic does not move and we are stuck on the roads for hours together. This is partly due to the deplorable conditions of the roads in Bangalore and poor traffic management. Rains make things worse. We can’t find a single traffic policeman on the road when he is needed the most,” he points out.

Shweta, a student, however feels that the City is perhaps best suited for youngsters. “Bangalore is a very young and a vibrant city. It is the best place for music lovers as we have international and national artistes coming in every weekend. I don’t know of any other city which has such an eclectic mix of contemporary culture and traditional values.

On one hand, we have elaborate classical concerts and on the other, we have ‘Guns N Roses’ and Carlos Santana paying a visit to the City,” she notes. Dhanyata, who has grown up in the City, feels that it is a good place to live in, except for the roads and the transport system.

“The roads within and outside the City are in a terrible condition. The expansion in Bangalore has been drastic and there is an immediate need to improve the infrastructure of the City accordingly.

The roads on the outskirts as well as within have to be mended so that commuters and motorists do not have any problems. It is a huge issue for the senior citizens as well. It is important to look into the needs of everyone in order to make this City the best place to live in,” she sums up.