A food fest with a difference

For better

Food festivals serving delicious Indian, Italian, Mexican or South East Asian cuisines have become a common trend in the national capital. However, in a first-of-its-kind initiative by People for Animals (PFA), an NGO run by Meneka Gandhi, City’s first Organic Food Mela was organised at Jorbagh residential park recently.

A large variety of organic bakery products, vegetables, cereals, oils, juices and chocolates, devoid of pesticides, chemicals and fertilisers were put on sale by 20 organic food manufacturers from across the country.

One of the participants Pradeep Sarin, who worked in a pharmaceutical firm in anti-cancer department   from the last 15 years, and is now the owner of Naturally Organic Food Store in Gurgaon, had a story to share why he switched to organic lifestyle.

“During all these years, I have seen suffering of people. Due to harmful chemicals more people are getting prone to cancer. I want to start a movement where farmers should shift towards organic farming and people should adopt organic food diet so that the diseases can be prevented.” 

Organic food is not only restricted to cereals, vegetables and spices but certified organic mustard oil has also hit the market.

“Today, almost all doctors suggest heart-friendly edible oil. In that case what is better than organic mustard oil, which is low in saturated fatty acid, cholesterol free, rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E and above all 100 percent natural,” says Navin Kumar of the City-based organic mustard oil manufacturing mill. 

Similarly, one of Hyderabad-based firm came with organic mango fruit juice.  Rakesh Kumar, representative of the firm apprised, “This juice is different from those available in the market. 

It has 26 per cent more pulp. In addition, there are no artificial ingredients, chemical preservatives which make it similar like aamras.”  The Hyderabad store also had health products like wheat grass powder, psyllium husk also called as isbgol , flax seeds, organic sugar, sulphurless sugar adding a few.

Many food conscious thronged the food mela but one of the stalls that attracted the most was the City-based Organic German bakeshop. The stall had delicacies like sweet and sour breads, pastas and cookies from organic wheat. The stall had special   Christmas stollens (special German cake) as the festival is round the corner.  
Though organic food is good for health but it is the high price that restricts people from buying it.  “We are aware that organic food is free of contamination and good for health but their prices are much higher. If the rates are bit reduced, organic food can become a part of our daily life,” says Priya Singh, a resident of GK -I, who visited the festival.

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