Emu farming a flyaway success in Gudibande

Emu farming a flyaway success in Gudibande

Emu farming a flyaway success in Gudibande

At a time when animal husbandry is losing its ground even in rural areas with many small and marginal farmers opting for horticulture and other activities, a farmer in Gandham Nagenahalli in the taluk has taken up emu farming, which according to him, has been a successful venture.

Meet Bhairareddy, a graduate, who decided to do something different, even it involved taking risks. He worked as a contractor for some time. He could have waited for a government job, but he found his life’s calling in farming and animal husbandry. Today, he has set up emu farm in his village and is an inspiration to fellow farmers.

Of late, emu farming is fast catching up in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and other areas, as it is a “sure-success” venture, said Reddy. “The fact that these birds can be reared like poultry birds, it becomes all the more easy for farmer to look after these birds.

For, like hens, emu also feeds on a variety of pulses and a little attention will make a big difference in their rearing,” he said. He further said that the birds need to be fed morning and evening and given a bath during afternoon. Their area should be kept clean.

Though emu farming requires huge investment, its profit rate is high.  According to him, the meat and eggs of the birds are in great demand. An egg costs at least Rs 1,000 and a kilogram of meat will fetch not less than Rs 500.

Besides, emu oil is also more sought-after in Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Machalipattanam in Andhra Pradesh. The birds can weigh up to 35 to 50 kg after 18 months of rearing, he added. Farmers can invest from a minimum of 10 chicks, he added.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Reddy said “It’s my daughter, an MBA degree holder, who introduced me to it. She learnt the naunces of rearing these birds from Dr Sathish in Andhra Pradesh and we decided to go ahead.” Reddy, initially purchased 150 male and an equal number of female birds. He availed Nabard scheme loans from banks.

Unlike, poultry, these birds have good immune system. Unlike hens and chickens, these do not easily get infected by any disease.