Woman atop coconut tree rescued by fire brigade

Stuck up in a 36-feet tall coconut tree while spraying insecticide, a housewife had to make a call to the fire brigade from her mobile phone to rescue her.

45-year-old Cicily, a housewife, had learned to operate the coconut tree climbing machine since the past one year and managed to eke out a living with it.

Yesterday, after she climbed the coconut tree at Nedumbrakkat at Chertala in Alapuzha district, to spray insecticide, the machine seemed to have developed some trouble, police said.

However, not loosing her cool, Cicly, held on to the tree and managed to slowly slip down to at least 21 feet. She could not come down further as the tree had a bend.

Her mobile phone came to her rescue and she immediately called the fire force personnel saying, "Sir I am on top of a coconut tree, Please save me."
Hearing her cries for help, people from the area gathered.

By then, the fire force personnel reached the spot and with the help of a ladder, managed to bring her down safe, police said.

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