Strauss-Kahn sex probe to continue

A probe into allegations that Dominique Strauss-Kahn procured prostitutes for sex parties will continue after a French court rejected a request for pimping charges against the former IMF chief to be dismissed.

Lawyers for the disgraced politician said they would appeal the court’s decision. “Mr Strauss-Kahn’s defence is certain that he will ultimately be cleared of the absurd charges of pimping that have been made against him,” they said in a statement.

The setback for Strauss-Kahn came a week after he agreed a financial settlement with a New York hotel maid who had accused him of sexual assault and wrecked his chances of becoming French president.

Legal experts said Strauss-Kahn would have been required to pay Nafissatou Diallo several million dollars over her allegation he had jumped on her naked and forced her to perform oral sex.

Strauss-Kahn admitted a sexual encounter took place in the Sofitel hotel in May 2011 but insisted it was consensual.

A criminal investigation into the incident collapsed after Diallo changed her version of events, prompting the prosecution to conclude there was little chance of a conviction.

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