Aerospace Olympiad today

The seventh edition of national aerospace olympiad, organised by the Aeronautical Society of India, will begin on Thursday.

“The event is designed to achieve more than we have in the field of aircraft. We have realised that in order to achieve this, we need the students of today to handle the projects of tomorrow,” said Event Head, D P Sabharwal.

The event aims to create awareness about India’s aviation programme, enable students to collect, collate and arrange information and to motivate participants to join the aviation industry as engineers, scientists and designers.

The organisers said that almost 400 schools in various parts of the country were approached by the organisers. “Though response is below our expectations, we received 40 reports, of which 20 have been selected,” Sabharwal said.

This is an opportunity for schoolchildren to learn and interact with students of other schools from across the country, the organisers said.

The Olympiad will have eight events planned to test various aspects of the participants such as knowledge, adaptive skills and the expertise to differentiate between the ‘what and the chaff’.

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