Meera strikes 'compromise' with man claiming to be husband

Meera strikes 'compromise' with man claiming to be husband

The compromise had been expected for the past few days and was reportedly brokered through the intervention of mutual friends of Meera and Rehman, including film director Sangeeta. According to Meera's lawyer Munazar Ghani, some influential police and judicial officials and a group of artistes played a key role in putting things on the "right track".

He said both Meera and Rehman had agreed to take back criminal cases filed against each other. Ghani refuted reports that Meera paid Rs 3.5 million to Rehman for the patch-up. Rehman's lawyer Waqar Sheikh said: "Both Meera and Rehman had an hour-long meeting a couple of days ago during which they jointly signed a compromise statement.

"Meera wanted to submit a separate statement of compromise to police but it was decided that both parties should sign a mutual document. "Meera requested Rehman to let the dust settle on the issue so that further negotiations could be held," Sheikh said.

Meera, who came to prominence after working in two Indian films, has persistently denied that she was married to Rehman. She claimed she would provide audio CDs featuring Indian film director Faisal Saif, in which the latter purportedly admitted that he was behind fake pictures of her marriage.

Saif has already denied Meera’s claims that he was behind the controversy over her purported marriage. Rehman, a businessman from Faisalabad, has produced a 'nikaahnama' or marriage certificate, witnesses, emails, records of phone conversation and photographs to substantiate his claim of being married to Meera.

The marriage contract says Rehman will pay Rs 20 million to Meera in the event of their divorce. He has also said that Meera has been living at his residence in Lahore since they got married in September 2007.