Tackling dangerous creatures

In this episode, meet the very dangerous and ferocious hyenas with Austin Stevens. As darkness falls over the Ethiopian highlands, a familiar call echoes — the cackle of the spotted hyena.

Hyenas are reviled on this continent as predators of livestock and humans. Their jaws are so strong they can break through bone in a single bite. But Austin has a soft spot for these most prolific predators and he is journeying through Ethiopia to investigate and hopefully dispel the stereotype of Africa’s hyenas.

To find these animals, he will venture into the heart of Awash and into the villages of the Afar people who will share their knowledge and legends of the spotted hyena. Can Austin use this information to come face to face with a wild hyena pack? Tune in to find out.

Whale of a time
Caught in the moment will be telecast on October 12 at 9 pm on Animal Planet. In this episode, Tristan and Vanessa are on a road trip following a mother grey whale and calf on their epic 4000 mile migration up the West coast of America. Vanessa and Tristan film from boats, aeroplanes and land as the mother and calf hug the shore line, hiding from their main predators— killer whales. As the mother and calf near Monterey, they face the biggest challenge of their journey. At Monterey Bay there is a deepwater chasm, a sort of underwater Grand Canyon. Here killer whales gather each spring to ambush the migrating whale calves. As the grey whale mother and calf arrive in the bay, Tristan and Vanessa know this is crucial moment. Watch Animal Planet to find out if they make it across.

Touching tale
Sony Entertainment Television presents Pyaar Ka Bandhan on October 12 at 10.30 pm. Bijoya tells her kids that she is taking them out. The kids get excited and all of them leave. Kajol notices that Bijoya is a little upset and gauges that something is wrong.

The cab stops outside an orphanage and the kids wonder why they are here. Bijoya asks them to wait while she goes and meets the warden, who tells her that she should put her kids for adoption and assures her that they will be taken care of.

Bijoya comes out with the warden, who asks the kids to come inside. The children wonder why they are going in. The escorts take the kids to a room and Bijoya quietly goes away from there.

Going around the world
Discovery Travel and Living brings the new season of its popular series Globe Trekker filled with all new adventures and places to visit. Join the backpackers and go globetrotting to share tips on independent tours. Unforgettable destinations and a refreshing journey, all enough to wake up the traveller inside are waiting for the viewers on the other side of the television screen on the channel. Tune into Globe Trekker — Germany on October 12 at 9 pm.