Trees to warm up your house

Festive time

Christmas is here and you are looking for a big Christmas tree to light up your house with. Just venture to your nearest market, gift shop or florist.

From Sadar Bazar to INA to Khan Market - Delhi’s market places are flooded with different kinds of Christmas trees and glittering decorations to add warmth to your festivities.

Ferns N Petals at Vasant Kunj is a busy place these days. The store manager Rimple Narula says, “Of late, the demand for Christmas trees has hugely increased. As compared to the situation till a few years back, where only some Christians and churches in the Capital asked for these trees, nowadays, , hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, BPOs with foreign clients, embassies and expats are placing orders for Christmas trees. In keeping with the demand, the variety of trees and decorations has also increased many fold.”

“As concerns the trees,” she says, “One can go for either the real (natural) trees or artificial (plastic) trees. In natural, the favourite is pine tree, other than spruce, cypress, fir and cedar. While pine is commonly available, others have to be imported based on advance orders. In any case, people these days prefer artificial trees as they last a lifetime as compared to natural trees which have a shelf-life of 15-20 days only depending on how one tends to them.”

With the number of orders, the height of Christmas trees is also increasing. Indu Arora of Prakriti store in Noida, informs us, “Recently, I have received a request for a 15 feet Christmas tree. 3-10 feet are regular. Keeping with the height, one has to look for decorations as well; and thankfully, the Chinese are manufacturing newer, more beautiful and colourful decorative items by the hour.”

She advises, “One should first choose the tree lights. You can go for traditional incandescent lights which not only brighten up the tree but also warm up its branches releasing the scent of pine in the room. Then, choose the garlands. To get the best look, use a variety of garlands from plain to fancy. Thin, beaded garlands look best hung from branch to branch while thicker paper, ribbon or foil garlands look best wrapped loosely around the entire tree.”

Lastly, buy loads of tree ornaments. These include myriad baubles, bells, stars, drums, paper decorations, santa figurines, small gifts, bows, cookies (available in many shapes like snowflakes), candies, chocolates etc.. You can also go for wreaths. Dressed in white flowers, these look beautiful when placed at the bottom of Christmas trees. Merry Christmas!  

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