Pak charges against India on Balochistan false: Manmohan

Pak charges against India on Balochistan false: Manmohan

Singh on the other hand sent a strong message to that country saying, "Pakistan should realise the great harm that patronisation of terrorist groups has done to South Asia."

Replying to a pointed question on Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik's allegation that India was arming militants in Balochistan, Singh said,"This is entirely wrong."
"We are not in the business of spreading terror in Pakistan or in any other country. We are not in that business. And the Government of Pakistan and the people will jolly well know that their accusations are false accusations," Singh told a press conference here.

On the situation in the neighbourhood, the Prime Minister said, "We have to make adequate preparations to deal with the consequences of this overflow of terrorism from the neighbourhood to our country.

"We are taking all necessary steps in that direction but it is still my belief that particularly Pakistan and the people and Government of Pakistan should realise the great harm their patronisation of terror groups have done to the South Asian region," he said.

"We need a neighbourhood of peace, friendliness and I will be the last one to say that, I think, if these conditions prevail (like) today in our neighbourhood in Pakistan and in Afghanistan the situation is not what it should be."

He was replying to a query about the recent blast outside the Indian Embassy in Kabul and the terror attack at the Pakistan army headquarters in Rawalpindi.
On domestic issues, Singh refused to bracket Naxals with terrorists and ruled out use of armed forces against them.